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  • Swaraj 963 FE
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963 FE

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tractor Cooling System

Cooling System

Water Cooled with no loss tank, Oil cooler for engine oil

 tractor Wheel Base

Wheel Base

2210 MM

 tractor Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

2200 Kg

tractor Cylinder

Engine Cylinder


The Swaraj 963 FE is a well-designed tractor with innovative technologies that make it a truly efficient farming machine. Swaraj 963 FE  is a 60 HP tractor, with a 3-cylinder 3478 CC engine. The Swaraj 963 FE price is Rs 8.00* and Rs 8.50* lakh* in India.

The probability of PTO succeeding is 53.6 percent. Oil-immersed brakes and 12 forward + 2 backward gears are included on the tractor. The Swaraj 963 FE tractor's fuel tank holds 60 liters of petrol, ensuring that it lasts a long time. 

The tractor features three cylinders, each of which has remarkable performance and efficiency. The Swaraj 963 price is a little bit on the higher side but justified by its latest features.

Features of Swaraj 963 FE:-

Swaraj 963 FE is a dependable tractor that delivers unmatched performance in the field. As a result, this tractor remains the most popular among farmers. The tractor is equipped with cutting-edge technology for efficient fieldwork. 

It also boasts a unique Power Steering with Differential Cylinder, which allows for more precise control and utilization. It's also a two-wheel-drive vehicle. The features of the Swaraj 963 FE tractor are a big reason for its popularity among farmers.

For effective braking and minimal slippage, the Swaraj tractor 963 includes Oil Immersed Disc Brakes. Swaraj 60 HP tractor comes with a Dual Clutch with 12 Forward + 2 Reverse gears, giving it a forward speed range of 0.90 to 31.70 km/h and a reverse speed range of 2.8 to 10.6 km/h. 

The hydraulic lifting capacity of this strong tractor is 2200 kg. Swaraj 963 FE has a 6-spline type PTO with a 54-horsepower output, making it a tractor that can handle all farming implements. The Swaraj 963 FE has 7.5 x 16 front tires and 16.9 x 28 rear tires, which provide the tractor with excellent traction and control. 

Swaraj 963 FE weighs a total of 2650 kilograms and measures 3730 mm in length or 1930 mm in breadth. It has a 2210 mm wheelbase when it is delivered. Along with the Swaraj 963 FE Tractor's characteristics and features, the 963 Swaraj tractor comes with a slew of optional attachments that make it more demanding for farming and commercial use. 

A one-piece bonnet, single lever controls, pedals and side shift gear, a new digital tool cluster with a service reminder feature, and multi-reflector lights are among the Swaraj 963 FE's features.

The tractor's pricing is largely influenced by its incredible specifications and features. As a result, the swaraj tractor 963 remains one of the most in-demand and high-demand items. Swaraj 963 FE tractor is the most reliable, requiring the least maintenance and yielding more profits. 

The Swaraj 963 Price in India 2023 is likewise set to reflect the financial status of small and marginal farmers. As a result, it possesses all of the features and functions associated with organized tractors. The Swaraj 963 FE tractor is reasonably priced and simple to acquire.

The Swaraj 963 FE Tractor has a modern and beautiful style thanks to its digital instrument cluster and combination switch. 

Joining heavy equipment such as the Harvester, reversible MB Plough, and Laser Leveller is quite easy with the Swaraj 963 FE Tractor, which comes with a company-fitted DCV kit

What is the Swaraj 963 FE Price in India?

The Swaraj 963 price in India is between Rs 8.00 and Rs 8.50 lakh in India. The Swaraj 963 FE has a competitive price on the market. The price is of fantastic value for money due to its advanced features and qualities. 

Farmers can also buy it without fear to meet their farming needs. As a result, Indian farmers and other tractor users can afford this price. 

The Swaraj 963 FE on-road price is decided by its model, extras, road tax, and RTO charges.

How Will Tractor Gyan help you:- 

TractorGyan will assist you in learning more about the tractor by presenting you with a variety of options based on your needs, wants, and budget. as well as comprehensive information on the Swaraj 963 FE price, on-road price, and other critical factors


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Review By: Chandrasekaran     10-02-2023


Swaraj 963 FE

Review By: Umesh     18-01-2023


swaraj tractor agency prr mene iske features dekh kr hi isse liya tha aur ab me kheta hu ki swaraj 963 tractor ki seat bhot aaram dayak hai aur chlane me bhot maza aata hai.

Review By:      18-01-2023


963 swaraj hp bahut bdia h aur 963 swaraj tractor ek dum best h.

Review By: anupam     12-01-2023


mene iss swaraj tektar ke baare me kaafi kuch suna tha aur istemal karne prr mujhe swaraj 963 hp ki takat ka pta chla.

Review By:      19-12-2022


mene swaraj tractor video dekh kr isse khreda hai aur 963 Swaraj price shi hai.

Review By: Nitesh     19-08-2020


Bs iski speed thodi kaam hain wrna to ye bhut hi majbut tractor hain aur keemat bhi jyada nhi hain jis hisab se iski keemat hain uss hisab se to iss tractor ka koi tod nhi iske brakes bhi bde aram se kaam krte hain acha tractor hain

Review By: Deepak     24-07-2020


फीचर तो स्वराज 963 में सारे मिल जाते है, मतलब कोई भी ऐसा अलग फीचर और किसी के पास नहीं होगा जो इसमें आपको ना मिले। स्पीड सोनालिका वाले 60 ट्रैक्टर से कम मिलती है इसमें पर ढुलाई के लिए फिर भी अच्छा ट्रैक्टर है। आराम दायक है देखने में अच्छा है। एवरेज ठीक है बाकी हर काम के लिए अच्छा ट्रैक्टर है।

Review By: AMIT     06-07-2020


Very nice 963 Tractor

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Recently Asked Question About Swaraj 963 FE Tractor:

Swaraj 963 FE is a 60 HP Tractor.
Swaraj 963 FE Price is Rs. 7.45-8.67 Lacs*.
Swaraj 963 FE has 60 HP PTO.
Swaraj 963 FE has Synchromesh.
Swaraj 963 FE has 12 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.
Swaraj 963 FE has Oil Immersed Disc Brakes.
Swaraj 963 FE has Power Steering With Differential Cylinder.
Swaraj 963 FE has 3 Engine Cylinder.
Swaraj 963 FE has Double Clutch.
Swaraj 963 FE has 2100 Engine RPM.
Yes, You can buy Swaraj 963 FE tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of Swaraj 963 FE tractor is 2200 Kg.
"Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 litres liters"
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.

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