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Recently Asked Question about Insurance:

Yes, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to at least have a third-party insurance policy for your tractors to run legally on Indian roads. Moreover, the risks with respect to tractors is high and is therefore advisable to get maximum protection for the same.

It is important to get tractor insurance because standard tractor insurance acts as a shield for various damages like personal accidents, natural calamities, and even third-party liabilities.

Tractor insurance safeguards the vehicle from all possible damage and risks. Following are the coverage offered. Damages or loss to the tractor due to natural calamities like floods, earthquake, fire, and landslide, etc. Covers risks, such as theft, accidents, burglary, strikes, riots, etc.

To make a valid claim under your tractor insurance policy, the following documents need to be submitted: The claim form which should be filled in and signed by the policyholder. RC book of the tractor. Driving license. FIR copy (in case of a third party or theft claims) Repairs bills in original.

Advantages of buying tractor insurance online Carefree procedure Document less procedure Security against fraud Less time consuming.

Tractor insurance covers your tractors and related farm equipment from covered perils, like water damage, theft, and vandalism. If your tractor gets damaged beyond repair, your insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of a new one.

Tractor insurance covers your tractor from incidents like theft and fire damage as well as insuring you for accidents.

Visit the website of the Insurance Information Bureau, which is framed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), and enter the registration number of your tractor to check the details of your tractor insurance cover.

A policy number is a unique number that an insurance company uses to identify you as a policyholder. The insurance companies use unique numbers to differentiate between their customers.

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